Arctic Roots

I am a tribally enrolled Inupiaq born in Barrow Alaska (now known as Utqiagvik), and raised in Point Hope Alaska where my mother is from. I have two brothers, and one sister, all younger siblings. I am married and we get to raise our amazing daughter in Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska where my husband is originally from. It’s very tiny, very beautiful Native village in the remote Brooks Range. We live a predominantly subsistence life, which means we harvest animals and plants from the wild of the arctic for our food. We do as much as we can to preserve traditional Inupiaq values and knowledge this way.

Currently I have a BA degree in Studio art from Humboldt State University in Northern California, and a couple other ‘almost’ degrees in things like Philosophy, Marine Biology, and even an almost Masters degree in Education. I have worked many amazing jobs and projects that tap into my creativity and have colored my worldview over the years, they include being a middle school and high school art teacher, co-producing Inupiat film documentaries, creating visual content for our school district that is culturally accurate, and even competing in speech giving all through high school and into college. I am passionate about all things indigenous and creative that focuses on traditional knowledge, with reclamation of our culture being priority. I run a couple of businesses, one that focuses on traditional Inupiaq herbal medicine and one that is a small arctic agriculture business. Creating things for others to appreciate and understand our unique Native experience… and for our future People to see themselves reflected in, is my goal in everything I do.

To read more about my food growing endeavors please visit: Gardens in the Arctic.


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