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RURAL VOICES, You tube and Patreon!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

First off! Rural Voices is now available wherever fine books are sold as of October 13th! I absolutely ADORED working on this story and I absolutely ADORE the other stories! I feel very lucky to have been part of this amazing bunch of writers.

The book is created for around MG/YA but is a awesome quick read for adults also.

I have also started a You tube channel. MY ARCTIC LIFE. It was already in the works for some time, but was slowed down because of the craziness in the world. I try and add new content every two weeks. I want to focus more on educational stuff but basically it is a way to let people into our lives a little. I hope people enjoy it!

Click here is the address for the you tube channel! ---> MY ARCTIC LIFE

And last but not least! I have created a Patreon page. Patreon allows you to subscribe to special behind the scenes content and you will receive a gift from me in the mail every single month you are signed up. I am using Patreon as my go-to place to build a better relationship with people, since it's pretty hard to do living in the boonies. I hope you sign up, an if not I hope you share with someone you think might enjoy the experience. It covers my artwork, updates on writing artwork and the you tube videos. Basically it's Nasugraq central!

Here is the web site for the Patreon site----------> PATREON SITE

Cheers everyone and be careful out there! ~Nasugraq

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