Book illustrations

This book is definitely a little different than most of what I normally do. In a previous life I was a Marine Biology major in college and was deep into the science scene with goals to become a science illustrator.
This book was created from start to finish by our Native corporation in an effort to preserve knowledge of our traditional usage of wild plants. I learned SO MUCH and I am forever grateful to be able to be part of this project.
My contributions included technical botany driven drawings, plant usage drawings, photos and anecdotes.
This book is not currently available to the public. It will be available later in electronic form.



Education Illustration

One of the most personally fulfilling projects is this one. The Inupiaq department, led by Pausauraq Jana Harcharek, was looking for an image that encompassed a lengthy list of Inupiaq Values to use as a visual for the Inupiaq Learning Framework.  This image was used to teach Native values across the whole entire school district.

Click the image to listen to a video of Pausauraq explaining the meaning behind each icon.


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Migration Spirit

This spirit/woman controls the migration of the caribou, whose movements were vital to the survival of our people. She controls them by combing her hair with carved ivory combs.